4 Ideas For Industrial Style Houses

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4 Ideas For Industrial Style Houses

April 5, 2018 Business Products 0

Industrial chic is one of the hottest housing trends and it is here to stay for quite some time. It gives a very sophisticated feeling and has really turned the industrial aesthetic from something people just tolerated to something people enjoy. If you are planning on incorporating this trend into your living space here are some things for you to think about. 

Make it simple 

Real world industrial designs focus on efficiency hence most industrial buildings are quite simple. If you take a warehouse, for example, it’s basically a rectangular box. When designing an industrial style house we need to keep this in mind. You should not have a confusing labyrinth of a house this turns, corridors and stairs leading up to nowhere. The bareness and simplicity of the industrial aesthetic are what makes this design so appealing. Apart from that living in a home that is simple is relaxing and easy to maintain. 

Embrace the imperfect 

Whether it’s an exposed wire or some stains on the ground out there in the industrial world people don’t care about it. Hence when it comes to being industrial chic it is usually embraced. However, this doesn’t mean you get to be sloppy in your design. This style is called “industrial chic” and not just “industrial”. So even though you have exposed wired make sure it is seen in a way that is visually pleasing. You are creating a work of art and make sure it looks good. 

Make it look spacious 

The ideas for the industrial chic vibe came from the large open warehouses and barns so this spacious feeling should be embraced. Try to have the least number of walls and partitions within your home and give it an open feel. If possible talk with a curtain wall factory and get a curtain wall made to bring the outside world into your house without causing much trouble. This spacious feeling creates a soothing atmosphere and this is adored by many fans of this style. Even when you have to divide spaces try to do it in a way that doesn’t disturb the openness. 

Mix things up 

At the end of the day, you are designing a home and it needs to be comfortable. Mixing tradition homey touches to the cold industrial background give an interesting feeling. Having a comfortable sofa with some throw pillows in front of an industrial looking aluminum curtain wall will really bring out the beauty in things. Make sure you don’t make your home look too industrial and have elements that makeit feel more like a home. View more information here http://www.hwarrior.com/en/introduce005.html. 

The industrial chic style is truly beautiful and if you can pull it off well you’re in for a treat. 

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